Average Jill, an all-female rock band based in Santa Cruz, California, creates music that will make you think, laugh, and get angry –  sometimes all at once. Bimodal, Average Jill’s debut album, was released December 2019. Listening to Bimodal is like hanging out with your best girlfriends talking love, life, politics, and sex. The album is a melodic and unapologetic recording with aggressive guitar-driven sound.  Average Jill’s sound has been compared to Veruca Salt, LiLiPUT,  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Childbirth, Skinny Girl Diet, and Blondie.

The band started in 2015 when Mel O. placed an ad looking for women who played instruments and didn’t take themselves too seriously. The vocals tap into a wide range of emotions, from sweet to aggressive.  Guitars harken to old school punk. Bass lines are thoughtful and strong. And it’s all powered by driving drum beats.  

Average Jill is:

Rae, lead guitar

Mel O. , bass

Tamar, drums

Stefani, lead singer & rhythm, guitar