Recording a new album!

Jillies, we are thrilled to announce that we started recording our new album this month! Click through these photos to get a sneak peek into our recording session. And a big thanks to Rick at Rocker Studios for making this happen. xoxo

Revamped website

As many of you know, the band has been on a short hiatus for the past few months. We are thrilled to announce that the hiatus is over, and we are ready to start rockin’ your world again with new shows, music, and merch! Today, we are unveiling our revamped website, where you can learn more about all things Average Jill. Enjoy xoxo

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New EP on streaming!

Our Bimodal EP is officially streaming on your favorite platform — just in time for impeachment! Sing along to tunes like “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” and “Hey, Donny!” Shout out to Noise Eater Studio for recording us. Enjoy, Jillies xoxo

Thank you, Jillies!

Thanks to all the Jillies who came out to see our San Jose shows! It was a blast rocking out with you and with The Pale Rumors, The Lotharios, Doppler US, and Doug Irvin’s Carnival. See you again in September xoxo