Revamped website

As many of you know, the band has been on a short hiatus for the past few months. We are thrilled to announce that the hiatus is over, and we are ready to start rockin’ your world again with new shows, music, and merch! Today, we are unveiling our revamped website, where you can learn more about all things Average Jill. Enjoy xoxo

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New EP on streaming!

Our Bimodal EP is officially streaming on your favorite platform — just in time for impeachment! Sing along to tunes like “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” and “Hey, Donny!” Shout out to Noise Eater Studio for recording us. Enjoy, Jillies xoxo

Wild Woman Wednesday

Let’s give some love to Andrea Jenkins this week. She is the first black openly transgender woman elected to public office in the United States. She is a city council member in Minneapolis. This week she is a leader helping to channel anger at the police murder of George Floyd to create positive change in her city. She is the author of several works of poetry and prose as well as the curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the UNiversity of Minnesota. Photo credit goes to Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Wild Woman Wednesday

Angela Davis is an activist, author, and academic. In 1970 she was arrested on charges of first degree murder when firearms registered to her were used to hold up a courtroom in Marin County in which four people were killed. She was acquitted on charges after a year. She has continued her political activism, and academic work and has received many awards including the Lenin Peace Prize.