Wild Woman Wednesday

Angela Davis is an activist, author, and academic. In 1970 she was arrested on charges of first degree murder when firearms registered to her were used to hold up a courtroom in Marin County in which four people were killed. She was acquitted on charges after a year. She has continued her political activism, and academic work and has received many awards including the Lenin Peace Prize.

Wild Woman Wednesday!

Let’s honor Winona LaDuke, an American environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for being the leading indigenous voice on the fight against climate change. She participated in the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016, in which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe opposed the construction of an oil pipeline that threatened the area’s drinking water and sacred land.  LaDuke has voiced the need to listen to the perspectives of indigenous women related to fighting climate change.

“We realize that indigenous people in industrial society have always been and will always be in a relationship of war, because industrial society has declared war on indigenous peoples, on land based peoples.”

Winona LaDuke